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Welcome back to Icon Tutorials!
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Welcome to Icon Tutorials, this use to be one of my favorite places to get tutorials, and so This is community that I want to bring back.

. About .. Anything Else? .

01>> This isn't a place for icons, only tutorials. & You may post all types of tutorials here, that may help with graphics and icon making.
02>> You may crosspost, but do not cross post to journals that are friends only or post that will be locked, and no passwords.
03>> In the future tagging will be required, but right now I'm tying to hash things out so.
04>> Only previews before a cut, max size 500x500.
05>> What you post must be made by you.
06>> When posting a tutorial, state what program you made it with, if it is translatable, and if it's beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
07>> This isn't a community for questions, only tutorials. If you have a problem with a tutorial please talk to the maker. There are other communities for asking questions, but not much for actual tutorials.

Nothing for now.
Updated Feb 17, 2012

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